Potential dangers…

Local infection (swelling, flow of pus, fever, wart, herpes, etc.)

Systemic infection (tetanus, HIV, hepatitis B/C, etc.)

Toxic shock (poisoning, allergic reaction to the metal, etc.)

Transmission of the bacteria by blood, which can reach the heart, the brain, etc.

Other consequences:

  • Bleeding, haemorrhage
  • Pain, swelling which causes difficulty of breathing, of swallowing, of speaking, of chewing
  • Saliva increase
  • Sensitivity to the heat, spiced food, etc.
  • Loss of taste
  • Cyst or tear
  • Continual bad breath
  • Loss of sensitivity (if a nerve has been reached), or unpleasant feeling of numbing or tingling
  • Jewel broken, with the risk to swallow or slurp up it

Consequences at the level of the teeth:

  • Worn tooth with the friction of the jewel
  • Cracked or broken tooth, or cracked filling caused by the repetitive shocks of the metal while eating, biting oneself, or sleeping
  • Irritation, swelling, bleeding of the gum
  • Receding gum involving sensitivity and possibility of root decay (a receding gum remains always like that, unless making a graft).