A brief reminder of the concept of periodontal disease may be required for our patients :

Periodontal disease (or periodontitis) is an infectious disease that is characterized by the destruction of the supporting tissues of the tooth. It can reach a single tooth, a group of teeth, or the entire arch and mouth.

Periodontal disease is multi-factorial but remains mainly caused by the accumulation of dental plaque (the biofilm) below the level of the gingiva.

The supporting tissue gradually detaches himself from the tooth, resulting in medium-term mobility and progressive exposure of the tooth: The teeth look like they are getting “longer”.

Because it is usually painless, periodontal disease is a particularly insidious disease. Indeed, in the case of patients who do not regularly consult their hygienist or dentist, the diagnosis is made too late and is revealed through consequences such as tooth mobility or root exposure. Moreover, when the treatment of the cause is achieved it is essential to follow a regular maintenance treatment (Recall) throughout life to avoid a possible relapse of the disease.

There are three phases in the periodontitis : mild, moderate and severe.

Following a first phase of non-invasive and nonsurgical treatment, reassessment is required. If another intervention is needed, it will be done by our specialist in periodontology and is based on two principles of the surgical periodontic approach :

  • Reshape of gum’s contour to facilitate the use of the inter-proximal brushes for the patient. The periodontologist treats the localized residual pockets.
  • Reconstruction of supporting tissues (bone and gum) that have been destroyed by the disease. The periodontologist can use different techniques such as tissue regeneration, bone regeneration or reconstructive surgery.
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