Our story

If we were to summarize the CHD’s Story, it would simply be the story of life ! With moments of laugh, happiness, euphoria, but also doubts, tension and even exhaustion …

Indeed, at the head of the CHD neither hides an investment fund, nor a skilled entrepreneur but simply two young health professionals (23 and 31 years) driven by the fierce desire to dust off the world of dentistry to finally propose treatments in the PATIENT’s interest.

The CHD was based on a simple equation: Oral problems (caries, gum disease) comes from the presence of plaque and tartar (A). Dental hygienists are the only health professionals trained to eliminate these two factors and to teach patients individualized methods that limit their onset (B).

Therefore, the public health goal (towards which every practitioner should strive!) To reduce dental problems in Switzerland can only be achieved by promoting dental hygiene and making it accessible to as many people as possible. However, until the introduction of the CHD, getting an appointment with a hygienist was not as easy as going to the hairdresser (C) ! It was often necessary to go through our dentist who would send us to the hygienist, who would then give us appointments 3 or 4 weeks later during office hours.

The equation was fixed: A + B – C CHD !

Our ambition was clear: to create a place where every patient can find their place, feel confident, and finally understand how to put an end to their dental problems. We also wanted a place where you don’t find extravagant prices, and where the quality of the work and materials is not compromised by the reduction of cost. All in all, affordable “Made in Swiss” !

With all these wishes, on April 8, 2016, CHD Geneva opened its doors and we became the first Swiss Center specialized in dental hygiene !

We could never have imagined such a success! Barely 1 year after the opening of the clinic in Geneva, the project of a CHD Lausanne was set up, at the request of many patients from the canton of Vaud that we could not satisfy and who also wanted to participate in the revolution of prevention.

Thus, on June 18, 2018 CHD Lausanne was inaugurated at the place de la Sallaz with as much success as its Genevan sister !

So give us your suggestions, tell us what should be our next step so that dental hygiene can finally be accessible to all !

We especially want to thank our patients and all the members of our team. Without the trust, fidelity and recommendations of our patients we could never have created such an emulation around prevention and dental hygiene in Romandie.

Without the enthusiasm, passion and professionalism of our team there would be no CHD !

Thank you all, we love you !