Fissure sealing is a preventive care that prevents the emergence of cavities.

Specifically, on the top of molars and premolars we usually find crevices and fissures, kind of retentive depressions where most bacteria are settled and stagnate because of increased difficulty for the bristles of the toothbrush to reach and clean these anatomical depths accurately.

The technique of filling or sealing those fissures combined with effective oral hygiene thus prevents the occurrence of carious problems. A second advantage lies in the fact that the material used for the sealing of these furrows contains fluoride, which protects the teeth in the long term.

The technique used is totally pain-free, non-invasive (no “bur” needed) and doesn’t require any anaesthesia.

In conclusion, this method is efficient, quick, and particularly adapted for children, in whom the risk of developing cavities is higher than in adults.

Scellement de fissure dentaire à Lausanne