Scaling and polishing are inseparable.
Scaling is the removal of tartar and plaque, either supra (above) or underneath the gingival level. The latter is invisible to patients.

At the CHD our equipment consists of manual (Deppeler) and ultra-sonic EMS instruments that are compatible and specially designed for cleaning around implants, without any risk of alteration of these implants. Indeed, the repeated use of conventional instruments could damage the implant material in the long term.
When implants are present in the mouth, regular visits to the dental hygienist are essential to preserve them throughout life and to avoid losing them (peri-implantitis).
Like natural teeth, implants need attention!

Personalized follow-up (recall) :
As a result of the treatment with the hygienist it becomes necessary to keep the results obtained and to maintain a good oral health.
That’s why the hygienist organizes a regular follow-up with you and plans scaling more or less frequently according to your lifestyle, your degree of motivation, the quality of your saliva … No need to remember these appointments we will contact you back by phone or mail, depending on your preference!

Check-up included :
During these scaling sessions, the Hygienist carries out a complete control of your oral cavity and redirects you to your private dentist or to one of our dentists directly on site, if necessary.