Orthodontic appliances more commonly called “braces” are simple elements bonded to the surface of the teeth.

These elements are often more retentive when it comes to dental plaque and calculus. In this case it is therefore more difficult to clean your teeth optimally.

Many risks exist if a scaling procedure in a hygienist is not regularly performed:

  • Higher probability of developing cavities
  • Higher probability of developing gum disease (gingivitis or periodontitis)
  • Appearance of white spots on the teeth at the end of the orthodontic treatment

This is why we highly recommend that these patients plan:

  • A cleaning session before the appointment where we bond the braces
  • A second appointment, shortly-after the bonding of the braces, during which the hygienist explains which is the most adapted technique to brush the teeth with these elements and which accessories to use to limit the deposits of dental plaque
  • A maintenance session every 3 or 4 months, depending on dental hygiene at home
  • A session when the orthodontist removes the braces, to clean the teeth properly and to remove any residual cement.

In addition, in the case of patients most likely to develop cavities during orthodontic treatment, the hygienist can protect the teeth by applying varnishes containing fluoride.

The scaling is carried out with an EMS ultra-sound technique and with Deppeler manual curettes. Whatever the technique used the treatment is pain-free: Protocols allow us to use the manual technique with a much less invasive character than in the past, and we use the latest generation EMS technology “NO-PAIN” from the Swiss brand EMS in the case of the ultra-sonic technique.

Dental polishing by air-polisher allows to reach inaccessible areas, as in the case of orthodontic appliances, and to be able to clean properly around each brace.

Personalized follow-up (recall) :

The hygienist schedules a personalized follow-up with you and plans scaling more or less frequently depending on the type of brace, your ability to properly clean your teeth at home, your lifestyle, your degree of motivation, the quality of your saliva … No need to remember these appointments, we will contact you by phone or mail, depending on your preference!

Check-up included :

During these scaling sessions, the Hygienist carries out a complete control of your oral cavity and redirects you to your private dentist or to one of our dentists directly on site, if necessary.