Endodontic treatment (more commonly known as root canal treatment) is a treatment that allows to heal and thus maintain a tooth that is affected by a particularly deep decay in contact with the nerve.

When no care is provided in the case of a decay, the cavity keeps on getting deeper and it is not unusual to even reach the tooth’s pulp, leading to a root canal treatment.

The CHD Lausanne is equipped with a mechanized endodontic system which enables the practitioner to achieve greater precision, therefore faster and more comfortable treatments for the patients.

In addition, our dentists can use an operating microscope giving magnification up to 40x in the most complex root canal treatments. (curved roots, large number of roots, etc.).

Finally, a devitalised tooth is a more fragile one. This is why we recommend the reconstruction of the tooth with an indirect method (inlay-onlay, even crowns in very rare cases, which will be realized with the help of a technician), in order to obtain viable long-term results.