Are you a big fan of coffee, wine or tobacco?

Discolorations often appear on the surface of your teeth, which can not be removed by brushing.

At the CHD, we eliminate these unsightly tasks in just 20 minutes. You will then be able to re-discover a smooth, shiny, and white tooth surface.
The technique we use is based on the EMS brand air-polisher.

It should be noted that this treatment is only offered to our patients between two scaling appointments.

Indeed, in the case of new patients it is essential to start with a scaling and a control because it is incorrect to remove discolorations of coffee-tobacco type without being totally sure about your oral health. Medically, our hygienists will not be allowed to clean these stains if tartar persists, or if the dental or gingival state is not stabilized beforehand.

That’s why our hygienists routinely ensure the good oral health of new patients before polishing.

Quick Polishing Dental Hygiene Clinic in Geneva