At the CHD the price of a scaling was set at 140 chf. This amount could be discussed at length but several points allowed us to define this cost as “appropriate” for all patients:

-Our commitment to public health and access to preventive care has prompted us to base ourselves on an SSO value of 3.00, ie less than the cost of treatments covered by insurance or social organizations (3.10). As a reminder, the average point for dental offices and clinics in Switzerland is 3.70 and the average price for a scaling is 160.-

-This amount was then calculated according to the SSO price list for 60 minutes of treatment including 5 minutes of diagnosis and consultation with the Hygienist.

-A treatment at the CHD includes both supra-gingival (above the gums) and sub-gingival (below) scaling, the latter being very rarely performed in the usual clinics since it requires much more time and the use of specific instruments to avoid damaging the gum and causing sensitivity. A scaling cannot last 30 minutes. See article on this subject.

-A treatment with the hygienists also includes a complete check-up, whose value is 77.70.-. Therefore the scaling itself is worth 140-77.70 = 62.30.-

Only x-rays can be extra and are charged 16.- per unit.

-Our sterilization standards exceed the recommendations of the Public Health and is worth approximately 4.50.- per session. It is for example possible to follow the sterilisation cycle of each instrument on all our invoices. Thus the scaling itself is worth 62.30-4.50 = 57.80.-

-We have made the choice to hire only certain practitioners, on very specific criteria and who necessarily participate in ongoing training to be systematically “up to date” so we can offer patients the best possible care, according to science. In the context of our specialty, these practitioners are exclusively Hygienists and not prophylaxis assistants, as it unfortunately is the case in some dental clinics. See article on this subject.

-The quality of the instruments is particularly important so we have made the decision to choose the best Swiss brands on the market such as EMS, Deppeler, Curaprox, after a trial and comparison period of more than 24 months.

-Finally, patients who already know us have been able to measure the quality of the service offered, which inevitably leads to significant costs.

In conclusion we could have tried to reduce the cost of our scaling to try to reach even more patients but then we would have been forced to also reduce the quality of our services or equipment, which is contrary to our philosophy. If our hygienists or dentists take so much time with patients, it is so that you can finally hold the key to your oral health.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible care and hope you will be particularly satisfied.

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