At the CHD our goal is to create a bond with your children so that they understand how to take care of their oral health and finally get motivated once and for all !

Not only does our approach allow every child to grow up with a healthy mouth but also maintain good dental hygiene until adulthood with the help of appropriate advice.

A consultation as soon as the first milk teeth are formed (around 3 years old) is crucial to create a positive experience and build a strong relationship between your child and the hygienist.

These visits allow us to detect any cavities as well as other pathologies whose early treatment can be considered to reduce the long-term consequences, such as growth of the jaw or positon of the permanent teeth’s germs. We also provide advice on the daily care of your teeth (type of toothpaste and toothbrush, brushing technique, interdental means, etc.) and answer all of your questions.

More generally, these visits allow your child to raise awareness of the importance of dental hygiene and prevention to prevent any pathology in adulthood: These appointments are a routine, a habit of life.