The CHD in Lausanne gives you the opportunity to replace missing teeth through four different types of dental prosthesis :

  • Implants, screws placed under the gum, on the top of which a dental crown is fixed permanently. This is the most aesthetic and functional solution since they imitate almost all of the characteristics of a natural tooth thus it becomes impossible for someone to be able to recognize an implant on a mouth.
  • Fixed prosthesis (bridge), permanently anchored to adjacent teeth. This technique is less used nowadays, because of its invasive character, especially on each surrounding teeth, called pillars.
  • The partial removable prosthesis (partial denture), which consists of a removable device attached to the adjacent teeth using little attachments, like metal hooks.
  • The complete prosthesis (or denture) that replaces a complete dental arch, lies directly on the gums, and remains stable thanks to a suction phenomenon.

What are the reasons to replace missing teeth ?

The teeth keep their position in the mouth thanks to a balance of forces between the neighbouring teeth, the opposing teeth (of the opposite dental arch) and the muscles of the mouth. Thus, when a tooth is lost, there is a slow and permanent migration of all teeth, starting with those located on both sides of the edentulous space. The replacement of the missing tooth thus makes it possible to prevent the movement of the other teeth and maintain a state of oral balance.

Moreover, the loss of a tooth is irreparably accompanied by a loss of surrounding tissue, especially bone. However, the latter is indispensable when the replacement of a tooth is planned, whatever the type of prosthesis envisaged: The more the support tissues of the tooth are preserved, the more likely the prosthesis will reproduce the sensation, the function and the aesthetic of the lost natural tooth.

Finally, the replacement of teeth by implants directly depends on the amount of bone available and becomes more complex in cases of large resorption.

Placing an implant therefore not only replaces the missing tooth, but also prevents long-term bone loss.

Thus there are many solutions to remedy the problem of missing teeth and its aesthetic and functional consequences, whatever the budget !