Our philosophy

Our mission

The CHD (Dental Hygiene Clinic) is the first swiss clinic specialized in prevention and dental hygiene.

Our goal is to allow everyone access to Dental Hygienists care on a regular basis to prevent the onset or progression of oral diseases.

We believe that the key to prevention for patients lies in their understanding of the vital role of regular visits to dental hygienists.
Taking this habit helps to avoid any cavities, to anticipate any pathology, and to save dental costs related to treatments.

It is time to ask ourselves the following question: Do we prefer a curative approach, as it may have been the case up to now, or a preventive one ?

Thus, the CHD is your partner in this unique approach and is proof that even in Switzerland everyone can take care of his smile.

Many studies put the role of plaque on the onset of oral diseases before the role of dental plaque. This is why Hygienists are the first line of defense against these :

  • They remove tartar and dental plaque
  • They provide individualized advice on brushing and dental cleaning techniques
  • They provide preventive treatments such as fluoridations, lacquers, varnishes, or fissure sealants
  • They allow a regular and personalized follow-up according to the profile of each patient
  • They are able to diagnose all dental pathologies as soon as they appear and refer as soon as possible to a Dentist
  • They recognize and individualize care in the case of at-risk patients

In conclusion, the key to success lies not only in dental hygiene and prevention but also in the regular monitoring of these personalized follow-up program.

State-of-the-art Service and Equipment

We decided to use the best of Swiss equipment in the field of Dental Medicine (Deppeler , EMS).

In addition, we are at the origin of a collaboration in the development of the lastest EMS innovation for scaling and polishing.

All our hygienists are members of Swiss Dental Hygienists and are required to regularly train themselves in new techniques and treatment protocols through continuous training.

Finally, it should be noted that many internationally renowned health professionals regularly come to visit our facility to learn from our treatment protocols.

Why choose the CHD ?

  • Practice focused on the patient and the prevention of oral diseases : individualized treatments, advice adapted according to the patient and his means.
  • Swiss-made: Training, protocols, equipment entirely Made in Switzerland.
  • Hygienists and Dentists who meet the latest requirements for knowledge and techniques in dental medicine and prevention.
  • Accessibility : Affordable prices, appointments within 48 hours, extended hours.
  • Comfort : Painless care and personalized services for optimal comfort at each visit.
  • Technological innovations : cutting-edge equipment for high precision care.