Cutting-Edge Technology



Whether it’s through our approach, the way we take care of our patients, or even the prices we charge, the CHD is committed to changing the whole experience in dentistry.

Thus, it is the end of painful scaling sessions ! Our patients can finally consult without apprehension thanks to the introduction of EMS No-Pain technology. And for the most curious amongst you :

Detection of Caries without X-Rays

Some of our patients do not want radiographs, for many reasons: Due to pregnancy, age, recent exposure to other irradiations (airplane travel, holidays in the mountains, etc.) or simply because they are against it.

We therefore respect their choice and still offer the possibility of an early detection of caries using a new non-irradiating method called transillumination.

The latest studies highlight the effectiveness of this technology compared with a simple diagnosis with the naked eye.

Cavity Detection without X-Rays
ZOOM 2 Advanced Teeth Whitening by Philips

ZOOM 2 Advanced Whitening from Philips

After comparing many professional whitening products, our choice fell on the Phillips brand and its ZOOM 2 advanced whitening.

In addition to the fact that Phillips is a leader in the tooth whitening market, two key points have caught our attention and enable you to achieve fast, non-sensitive results :

  • The presence of the latest generation of lamp that effectively eliminates the most intense colorations and allows for a shorter application time.
  • The use of gels less concentrated than competitors (25% H2O2 hydrogen peroxide), decreasing any post-bleaching sensitivity.

Air-Polishing Air-Flow

As part of the modernization of scaling and polishing systems, Airflow is one of the major advances over the last ten years.

Air-polishing is a system that uses air and water under light but sufficient pressure to project a controlled flow of powder and eliminate stains and deposits of bacteria above and below the gingival level without hurting the tissues. Air-polishing is therefore a particularly effective method that is not invasive and allows a gentle cleaning even in the most difficult areas to access.

You are really very curious:

Air-Flow Air Polishing

Your comfort

Dental Chair with Memory-Foam Technology

Dental Chair with Memory-Foam Technology

Because way too often we’ve had the experience of a cold and uncomfortable consultation room, where we don’t even know how to sit in the rigid dental chair. This is why we have chosen dental chairs with memory-foam technology.

The visco-elastic foam padding distributes your body pressure evenly and guarantees excellent anatomic support, even during longer sessions on the chair. No more physio session after your appointment at the dentist !

Noise reduction headphones and TV screens above your head

What’s better during your care than being able to watch your favourite program while being isolated from the outside: movies, documentaries, news, videos of dental hygiene instruction, music, sport,etc..

Come on, your hygiene session is already over !

Hot towel

Every dental hygiene treatment is unique, just like you. We are therefore committed to making you spend the most pleasant time possible with us so we bring you a wet and scented towel to refresh you at the end of your session.