Gingival grafts represent techniques that are increasingly used to treat and prevent localized attachment losses from happening. The purpose is to cover the exposed roots, so treatment with gingival grafts may be indicated as soon as signs of thinning of the supporting tissues of the tooth are detected.

In practice, the indications are multiple and can affect different layers of the gums: Re-thickening, addition of attached gingiva, root-coverage (recessions), alignment of gingival margins in aesthetic cases, prevention in the context of thin periodonts.

Nowadays, most of our interventions involve cover of recessions that cause hypersensitivity to cold and higher susceptibility to cavities, as well as the aesthetic aspect, especially in the case of inter-dental spaces and “long teeth ” looks.

At the CHD in Lausanne, we pay particular attention to the treatment of supporting tissues and the prevention of gum problems. That’s why we establish realistic goals with you before any transplant in order to obtain both aesthetic and functional results.