Your free dental care !

Are you ready to maintain an excellent dental hygiene ?
We are ready to treat you for free !

For the first time in Switzerland we would like to present you our new program called “Free dental care Guarantee”.

It is based on the principle of quality of care and follow-up appointments at the hygienist’s: we take care of your dental treatments-free of charge-in case of a dental problem if you agree to follow the individualized dental hygiene recall program.

How does this work ?

First step : A complete check-up meeting with one of our dentists.

At the end of this meeting, 2 possibilities:

1. There is no particular oral pathology so you can directly integrate the program.

2. Some pathologies need to be treated (caries, damaged fillings, inflammation of the gums, decayed crowns,…) so you must treat them before being able to integrate the program.

And after that ?

You agree to take into consideration the advice given by your dental hygienist and respect all the appointments that have been planned with you and whose frequency varies according to your risk factors.
(These can vary from usually once per year to approximatively 4 times a year for patients with severe gum disease)

No need to remember these appointments, we will contact you by phone or mail, depending on your preference!

How to benefit from free dental care ?

You only pay for your sessions at the dental hygienist (140 CHF / session) and on our side we agree to take care of your dental treatments for free if needed.

Which treatments are being covered by the program ?

All the dental treatments are being covered, apart from those of purely aesthetic type such as orthodontics, veneers or dental whitening.

What are the advantages ?

Our “Free Dental Care Guarantee” program is more profitable than a typical complementary dental care insurance plan.

In fact, you only pay a small amount for your annual sessions with the dental hygienist, rather than paying an insurance fee every month.

The sum you pay represents a concrete service (control, descaling, polishing, individualized advice and oral prevention), unlike insurance fees.

Your dental care is completely free, rather than paying a monthly fee and having a limited budget per year.

In addition, children and adults can benefit from this program, while dental insurances usually aren’t available for adults.

Why did we launch such a program ?

One of the major problems in terms of public health in Switzerland is the renunciation of dental care for economic reasons. (See TV report 27.04.2017)

Currently over 35% of Romands give up dental care for financial reasons. After several years of working as employees in dental offices and clinics whose philosophy is always to treat instead of prevent, we’ve decided to shake things up and commit to public health to make access to prevention and dentistry a must.

In recent years, all studies have shown that most diseases or complications of oral diseases can be avoided thanks to prevention and the maintaining of an adequate oral hygiene.

This is the reason why we have set up a specific program: The “Free Dental Care Guarantee”.

It is based on two essential components of the CHD:

  • The quality of the dental treatments we provide.
  • The responsibility of our patients in their oral health.

Scheduling regular follow-up with dental hygienists allows our patients to avoid :

    • Falling into the classic, negative spiral of innumerable appointments at the Dentist’s to treat cavities.
      Spending astronomical sums at the dentist’s by appealing to the preventive rather than the curative aspect.
    • Taking the risk of travelling abroad (medical tourism) for treatments rather than taking advantage of our health system Switzerland.
    • Going through a dental insurance that allows a limited annual budget while still paying a monthly fee.

The CHD builds up a universal program where prevention and dental hygiene become preponderant in the everyday life in accordance with the evolution of dental medicine !

Thus, through this program, our goal is not only to deliver the highest quality care, but also to empower patients and educate them about the importance of regular visits with dental hygienists.

Do I have to adhere to the « Free Dental Care Guarantee » program to become a patient at the CHD ?

Of course you don’t need to join the “Free Dental Care Guarantee” program to be a patient at the CHD. Our whole team is at your disposal for any further information regarding the program.