At the CHD in Lausanne we have chosen to work with specialists in dental surgery who have a great experience in order to perform any type of surgery, including the extraction of wisdom teeth.

In your interest our surgeons have implemented a wisdom teeth extraction protocol to improve comfort and efficiency, and reduce potential postoperative consequences.

Eruption of wisdom teeth (third molars) varies among patients, but usually begins in late puberty.

According to the latest statistical data, the space required for the eruption of these teeth in young people is insufficient in the majority of cases, resulting in partial or total inclusion.

These clinical situations present a particular risk of developing infections, caries, soft tissue inflammation or in extreme cases cysts or resorptions of neighbouring teeth roots.

The extraction of these wisdom teeth is therefore the best way to prevent the appearance of the stated problems. However, this does not mean that every wisdom tooth must necessarily be extracted in a preventive way.

A panoramic X-ray allows our surgeons to evaluate the need for extraction according to many criterias discussed with you, such as space, positioning, axis, proximity to the roots of neighbouring teeth, etc.