Dental Hygiene Clinic in Lausanne : All about our services

Our clinic’s goal is to give you the best in prevention and dental hygiene with an unbeatable price / quality ratio.
Prevention and Dental Hygiene should be accessible to everyone !

The application of a point’s value of 3 for Dental Hygienists’ treatments allow us to be particularly competitive, while being THE reference in our field: No other clinic or dental practice can pride themselves on performing preventive and dental hygiene treatments as professionally as we do, and that is a great pride !

In addition, the treatments performed by our specialists or our dentists respect SSO pricing and are established with a point value of 3.70.

It is important to remember that the point’s value in Switzerland can vary between 3.10 (for patients receiving social benefits and for insurance) to 5.80.

Finally, in order to be able to respect our commitment of an appointment within 48 hours, it should be noted that any appointment not being cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged according to the SSO rate.

NB: Any first consultation or session of prevention and dental hygiene should be paid on site the same day. In case of more expensive or more complex treatments we offer the possibility to receive the bill at home and to pay in numerous instalments over a year. Our assistants are at your disposal for any question concerning the financial arrangements, do not hesitate to ask them !