Scaling and polishing are inseparable.
Scaling is the removal of tartar and plaque, either supra (above) or underneath the gingival level. The latter is thus invisible to patients.

The scaling is done using two techniques:
-By the EMS Ultra-sounds
-Manually, thanks to high precision Deppeler curettes
Whatever the technique being used, the treatment is totally pain-free: Protocols allow us to use the manual technique with a much less invasive character than in the past and in the ultra-sonic technique we use the latest generation of Equipment called “EMS NO-PAIN”, from the renown Swiss brand.

Polishing can also be done in the form of two complementary techniques:
-With the aid of an air-polisher
-Through pastes of different grain sizes, applied on the surface of the teeth.
In both cases the goal is to remove the unsightly stains at the surface of the teeth (tobacco, coffee, tea, wine, etc.) and to make them smooth and shiny to prevent scale and dental plaque from aggregate again too quickly.

Personalised Follow-Up Program (recall) :

Further treatment with the hygienist are required in order to to maintain the results achieved and a good oral health.
This is why the hygienist organizes a regular follow-up with you and plans more or less frequent descaling according to your lifestyle, your degree of motivation, the quality of your saliva … No need to remember these appointments as we will contact you by phone or mail, depending on your preference !

Check-up included :

During these scaling sessions, the Hygienist carries out a complete new control of your oral cavity and reorients you to your private dentist or one of our on-site practitioner if necessary.

Scale and Polish Dental Hygiene Clinic