In order to anticipate and prevent the occurrence of oral diseases, the CHD systematically integrates a check-up during your scaling & polishing sessions with the hygienist.

It is essential to conduct a control visit at least once a year.

It allows to diagnose any early oral pathology (decays, gum recession, gingival inflammation, periodontal pockets, etc.) and to make every effort to treat it before it progresses and requires more complex, more invasive, or more expensive treatments: Prevention is better than cure !

During these scaling appointments, the Hygienist carries out a complete control of your oral cavity and redirects you to your private dentist or to one of our dentists directly on site, if necessary.

The check-up appointment is usually (but not systematically) concluded by two small bite-wings radiographs (33 CHF), which make it possible to check the absence of cavities between the teeth as well as any problems under the fillings or crowns (33 CHF), something that a practitioner could not see with the naked eye.

However, in the case of patients who do not want radiographs because of X-rays (despite the extremely small dosed thanks to our digital equipment), we offer a pain-free, non invasive and non ionizing alternative system based on transillumination, allowing us to detect cavities and cracks.