What should I eat after a scaling ?

We are being asked a whole lot of questions concerning the meals that can follow a scaling.

It is totally possible (and even recommended!) to eat after a scaling but the …

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  • Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Lausanne

How much does a scaling cost ?

At the CHD the price of a scaling was set at 140 chf. This amount could be discussed at length but several points allowed us to define this cost as …

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Tooth brushing technic

It is necessary to brush your teeth two or three times per day, using a toothbrush with supple bristles, and during three minutes.

You can divide your mouth into four quadrants …

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Advices for the future mother


The development of the teeth of the embryo starts around the 5th or 6th week of intra-uterine life, thus it is sometimes even before the confirmation of your pregnancy! As …

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Advices for elderly people

Even if the loss of teeth increases with the age, the main cause is not attributable to the age, but mainly to the periodontal diseases and to the roots decays. …

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Advices for adults

Oral hygiene

You recognize a healthy mouth, among other things, by pink gums, without swelling, and which don’t bleed at the tooth brushing. Oral health and general health being closely dependant, …

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Advices for teenagers

A pretty smile…….it’s very attractive!

Oral hygiene

You can recognize a healthy mouth by pink gums, without swelling, and which don’t bleed at the brushing. However, hormonal modifications can involve a reaction …

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Advices for children

The cutting of teeth

Cutting of the last baby teeth takes place between 20 and 33 months of age, and these ones will remain in mouth until eleven or twelve years …

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Advices concerning the babies


The breast-feeding is the best choice. The mother’s milk contains all the qualitative and quantitative nutrients necessary to the development of your child, and the benefits for his immune system …

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Dental floss use


As you are going to put your fingers into your mouth, be sure that your hands are clean.

Cut a sufficient length …

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