First of all we perform a full check-up before starting any teeth whitening to ensure the absence of pathologies such as cavities or gum diseases. Thereafter, two treatments are possible :

1. In-Office dental whitening with the Philipps Zoom 2 Advanced Whitening system

At the CHD in Lausanne we made the choice to use THE reference in terms of bleaching with the Zoom system! from Philips brand. It is based on a combination of LEDs which have excellent, stable results over time and reduce dental sensitivities.

The session goes as follows:

  • Complete check-up, polishing then 90-minute session of in-office whitening.
  • Application of a protective layer to remineralize teeth and reduce postoperative sensitivities.

NB : We recommend the in-office whitening to be combined with a home-whitening in order to get optimal results and durability.

2. Home whitening with individualised trays

We offer Philips Zoom White Day or Night White whitening products because they are the only systems that contain PCA (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate) to protect the enamel and reduce sensitivities.

The protocol goes as follows:

  • 1 complete check-up with impressions of your teeth to create custom-made bleaching trays.
  • 2 nd appointment to test and adjust the trays, then delivery of the bleaching kit. We also give you all the instructions and advice you need concerning food and bleaching so that you can get better results.

NB : Home whitening can be done separately, no need to combine it with the In-office bleaching.

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