Are your fillings visible when you smile ?

At the CHD in Lausanne we recommend the replacement of old grey fillings following a strict and precise written protocol.

Indeed, this treatment requires a great rigor as well as indicated products to avoid any possible contamination of residues of sealing.

After carefully removing all the material under a surgical field (Rubber dam) and precise suction, the reconstruction of the tooth can be done via two different techniques, depending on the indication:

  • Composite resin in small and medium cavities.
  • Ceramics in the particular case of large cavities, when the tooth has already had a root canal treatment leading to its weakening or when micro-cracks are apparent.

In the case of composite resins, a particularly strict bonding protocol is necessary and allows the application of thin layers of white resins (16 shades of white are available) which will be carved by hand to obtain an excellent adaptation and optimal aesthetics to match with your natural tooth. This treatment is done in one session.

Reconstructions through ceramic (Inlay / Onlay) involve a laboratory step and therefore require two appointments. The result is even more durable, more aesthetic and resistant to wear.

Amalgam Filling Replacement Dental Hygiene Clinic in Geneva